Get Yourself In A Damn Difficult Situation

Commonly heard saying – “A ship in harbour is safe — but that is not what they are built for.” — John A. Shedd. Being a human we like to be in our comfort zone doing what we usually like to, not much up and down, no zig zag, vaporising our days just by repeating our routines.

Afterwards it’s none other but we who blame our life as very general, good for nothing, impact less, unfulfilled, unsatisfied and bored. (Yaar jindagi me maza nahi aa raha hai – are bhai maza dukaan se kharid ke lao kya?)

You know what? The interesting fact is, we are not like this by nature. Remember your childhood when you were full of energy, damn hopeful about everything, full of dreams, almost fearless and ready to do anything, having so many goals to be achieved, eager to do so much and more.

But in the process of getting old (so many call it getting mature) we try to behave in a preset socially acceptable manner and we do it with utter dedication, after all it helps build our social image.

There is nothing wrong in it except, we almost forgot living in a true manner, living exact opposite the way we want to, killing that inborn warrior for once and for always and then we blame life for not being it fulfilled.

But it’s not the dead end yet! Do you remember when our class teachers and parents used to tell us to sit beside of top students who were more brighter than us? To make friendship and spend more time with them? Why today’s great leaders talk about the importance of networking? Why do they ask to meet different people belongs to different work area?

Another aspect is, You must be knowing there are people out there who loves doing Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Surfing, Diving, Mountain climbing, Hiking, Skiing and all such type of things. Why do they do this?

There is a logic behind it. They all likes putting themselves in a difficult situation reason being, it helps them become more stronger and tougher. It makes their will power, decision making, risk taking abilities more stronger. By doing this they enable their minds to see things differently from different angel. Meeting and spending more time with more brighter people also does the same work for your minds. It is like giving a challenge to your mind and it starts working in more aligned way with increased efficiency and effectiveness which ultimately produces better results.

Want to make your life more meaningful and fulfilled? Just find a way to put yourself in difficult, damn difficult situation and experience it, stay there strongly, face it and find a way to get out of it victoriously. Then after you will not be the same person, it will be your rebirth and you will be all set to live your new life in altogether different, definitely much better way.


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