You Are Still Alive

SHAKE yourself hard and SCREAM loud, you’re not dead yet, still alive. Do not give up on life so easily. Its one life and way much precious than you think. Don’t take it too ordinarily. Make it meaningful and big, see a dream, collect your all energy, focus and turn it into reality.

Ask yourself; Are you walking with any purpose and hope or your days are just passing by meaningless? There might be few things not going good in your life. Some might also be waiting to the things for getting slightly better. Shake up yourself and ask, are these the true reasons holding you back? What are you waiting for; A good time, a good opportunity? If it is so then it isn’t going to happen.

Nothing happens until you do something. Things don’t change until you make it change, and to change things first you need to change yourself in so many ways. You need to change your habits, routine, life style and thinking. Keep trying differently until it works. Remember weren’t here till eternity and our specific time is going to end quite soon. Life is not too cheap to spend it on ordinary things and people. You and your life is special and unique, make it happen before it’s too late.

Be Alive!


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