Why We Have? What We Have

Reassure yourself – Life is so Beautiful and Simple. We make it complicated by not listening what universe is trying to convey us in it’s unique language, we make it complicated by more complex relationships, by not giving certain attention to our social and societal structure demands. We make life complex exact opposite it should be naturally.

That’s the reason, I talk in as much as possibly simple way. Here is another simple thing – Why Do We Have, What We Have? , question sounds pretty complex, but it isn’t.

Why there is so inequality in the world? Why few people own large chunk of Wealth (all kind of it), Mental Peace and Health, and the rest keep fighting for basic standard of life and amenities?

General answers are –

# They are rich people.

# They had better education.

# They had better opportunities.

# They are very lucky people.

And the list goes on.

I say none of the above is a correct answer, in fact those all are wrong answers.

You know what, there is a thing which works from behind the curtain in each and every one of our lives and we all know that thing by the name – BELIEVE.

Universe gives you the things, in exact equal amount, you believe you deserve in all aspect of your life. Be it Peace, Wealth, Health, Relationship, Social Status and what not?

Some one is happy in having a small house, a beautiful wife with two children and another person is having villas in almost every big city of world, convoy of luxury cars, big empires and still trying for more and more (and even getting it), because, both are feeling the same level of Satisfaction and finding themselves Fulfilled in those things.

We stop Learning and Growing when we feel we have known Enough, we have achieved Enough. In reality there is no limit of Learning, Doing and Growing. Everyone must have heard i suppose – Sky Is The Limit.

Cross the Limits and create your Own Limits.

With Love!


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