Treasure of Life

At first you would feel something unusual I am going to talk about. There are few people who becomes highly effective and successful on an early age, and on the other side there are some people who came to know the same enlightenment and self realisation after they cross 30s, 40s and even 50s and there are many people out there who spent their whole life in mediocrity without knowing the purpose of their precious life.. Though we all are travelling and walking through our own unique path, that’s why our reason through we feel that enlightening, differ from others and yes the time as well.

I believe we all have that inborn something special thing within us for which we have been designed, for the objective of our life, for the very purpose of being here on this planet. To live life in fullest and most satisfied manner, we just need to find out that one reason, that one special thing.

But possibly the biggest question in mankind is, how to find out that special thing? Ironically, as success has no shortcuts, answer of this question too doesn’t come easily. If sometimes it comes, than too, often we don’t recognise it at that time.

So what to do then? What’s the path? The answer lies in this approach, trying as much as things you can which comes in your way. Never say never to anything, we don’t know what prize has been reserved for us by God at the end? And everyone knows prizes are won by efforts, on the cost of sweat. Give your best shot in your profession or work you are doing right now. Don’t do anything for the sake of just doing. Don’t give up so early.

Then another question arises, what will come out of trying this method? FIRST, you will gradually learn to enjoy every moment of your life when you give your best to anything, it gives immense pleasure and satisfaction. SECOND, when you put your best, it produces best results and this comes in return to you in form of more monetary benefits (no one can deny from the fact that money is the important driving factor and most of us work to earn more money, right?) THIRD, while doing your current job at your full potential, you are not getting the best results or high satisfaction, than simply it is a sign to move on to something different which attracts you, which is waiting for you and the best of you.

By repeating this method ultimately you will surely find out that special thing you have been designed for, trust me there is no other way.  You just need to carry some extra tools with you in this journey i.e. kindness, Honesty, Belief on yourself on others and on God, and you are through to your journey. May be God has created this unique way to reach out to your Treasure of Life.

Happy Living!


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