Let’s And Let Blossom

At time we all were Children chirping, jumping, playing, eating and smiling whole day, yes sometimes crying too. Our elder ones used to ask us a question and we all have been asked that same question. What do you want to become in your life?

Children’s answers used to connect with what fascinates them most. And answers comes like police officer, district collector, engineer, doctor and most common to be a pilot.

Now just have a look around yourself and see what people have become? Yes someone is working as a software engineer in a blue chip company, someone is an officer in police department and someone is doing some kind of business. The point is yes of course some people become what they had wished but most of them finally land doing something else. You know why is that?

Whether your’e an engineer or doctor or anything else, we all are human beings not any other species from a different world. Then why most of us fail to land where we wanted to? Let me tell you, it’s really not difficult to become what once you had wished for. It’s purely just a matter of Believe.

When children with a lot of dreams in those beautiful and shining eyes slowly turn to adulthood, their own parents, relatives, teachers and so called well wishers kills their beautiful dreams. They are like vassals of clay, they don’t know the difference between easy and tough. They have been designed to believe, what so ever you make them to believe. They have full faith and believe, on what you say and teach them.

One more terrible thing elders do. We teach them to categorise people like, you are strong and you are weak, qualified and unqualified, good grades and bad grades. These small small things seems very normal superficially but makes great impact on children. Over a period of time they start believing and as a result they end up being mediocre in stead of unique identity and extraordinary personality.

I don’t know why, but we people, really enjoy making simple things into difficult. The world is not so miserable the way it seems. People are really good at deep of their hearts and they love simplicity, they believe in human values, they love each other and want to be loved.

Children doesn’t need fancy toys or dresses or gadgets but moral support and constant telling them, yes, what you believe is right not other way around and this thing does not only applies to children but on everyone at all stages of life. Take my words it is purely just a matter of believe nothing else. Just think how bad it will be if we let die a flower before it blossom? So let them blossom and make our world more beautiful.



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