Get Your Butt Ready And Sit Tight

Hi there, it’s starting of summer. Heat is increasing, air has become ruff and blowing without moisture, leaves are falling from the trees, rivers are getting shrink, animals are sleeping more than usual and has become lazy. It seems time has slowed and everything has come to halt.

At times we feel burn from inside, energised, fresh, new, motivated, ready to chase and there are times when we feel totally lost, sleepy, yawning, energy less, without any mission at sight and life passes by at its own pace.

So, is there anything wrong with this? No. As weather keep changes from time to time in the same way we all go through by various emotions and one cannot be in same mood, pace and mindset all the time, unless it’s highly practised with utmost discipline. To remind, time is eternal but we humans are not. We have very short period of time and it’s slipping from our hands like sand.

For some period of time if you feeling like summer then its totally fine and nothing to worry about but if it stays there for longer then usual, is a warning sign. And you know what? We humans need motivation more than any species that exist. Generally the most common symptoms when one feeling lost are, sleeping till late in the morning, watching television (I say it’s slow poison) for longer time, it all slows you down and turnaround you in altogether different person, definitely not a better one.

The solution of this herculean problem lies in a very simple word that is Self Discipline. Zig Ziglar has described it beautifully ‘ No matter in what condition you are, just get up, dress up and show up yourself’. Doing the same task again and again might be boring but whatever it is, it takes practice and time. I say it in other words ‘Diamonds doesn’t take place overnight so are the dreams’.

You need to chase your own race, consistently without taking rest (Yes, you can take short breaks to keep energise yourself though). Keep reminding yourself time to time, what you are up to? No matters in what state of mind you are just tap on your back, tighten your belt and start doing it. That is the only key available and you will have to do this at any cost. Put yourself in difficult situation, no one has achieved extraordinary things with an ordinary and simple past. If it’s not done then you know what will happen. Let me remind, time will pass by at its own speed and someday there will be no time left.

It’s always costlier not doing it than giving it a shot and get failed.

Go for the Quest!


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