Being Happy

So, are you happy in your life? What? A direct open and close ended (it can be) question in very first line of blog post and why am I asking this question? I guess this is what we all run after and try to achieve in life, isn’t it?

See I believe ‘Greatness lies in Simplicity’ and ‘Happiness lies in small small Things’. By nature we love simple things and kind people but ended up making things complicated. So, is there any formula or process to follow for being happy? Thankfully, yes there is.

#First and foremost thing is, don’t underestimate what you have.

#We generally have a habit of overvalue what we don’t have and undervalue what we have. Be kind and thankful for what you have at the moment. The things you posses today, there are many people out there dreaming for the same. By this I am not saying you should stop desiring and achieving more but that’s what the right way of achieving more.

#Be truthful to yourself and to others. Once you initiate speaking lie or false, soon it gets converted into a chain reaction and you found yourself trapped. Evaluate yourself correctly, be honest and never lie to yourself.

#Start accepting things the way they are. Have courage to accept your mistakes, it’s much easier than it seems. Also learn to say NO, you cannot say YES every time to everyone.

#Apart from this, relationships play major role in our lives. Be honest in your relationships. You already know that cheating doesn’t work, especially in relationships. They will come to an end sooner or later. Relationship is all about accepting each other the way you are, in true relationship there is always a free space to share feelings, and that can be bitter sometimes. Relationships works when you frees another person not bound.

So above were the few basic things to be happier. Except these, have some time for yourself. There is a saying ‘Most of us die knowing the whole world but ourselves’. Make some damn good friends and do the things you enjoy with them, be it a sipping tea at a stall or anything else. Go to the cinema, watch a movie. Take small breaks from routine life and do the odd things sometimes and yes don’t take life so seriously. One more thing don’t always listen what people are saying they will comment anyway whatever you do, just listen to your heart. Take it easy, we are not here for eternity but for a very short period of time. So spend your time smiling and making others smile. Happy Living!


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