Embrace The Pain

There are few things we usually think, are not good for us but that’s not the scene every time. I believe the things which pushes you to your best potential are good, even if they are painful. They drag you out of your comfort zone and enables you for your best performance.

By nature we tend to avoid and run away from problems, after superficially working on them. We do a lot of things, but to how many of them, we honestly give the best shot?

Starting from childhood, when we used to play and enjoy a particular sport but soon we left. Then slowly while getting younger we enter in high school then college and then after, higher education and then like others, we start running after the job. accept, Most of us spent all time just like flowing with the air, doing what everyone else is doing and end up being a part of crowd.

Then what happens? Days slips into the weeks, weeks slips into the months, months slips into the years and soon we realise, life has been gone. You have to have make the efforts. It’s truly a matter of choice that either you collect all your energy and make your efforts with full focus in one shot or make efforts lethargically and for a longer period of time (can be struggling lifelong).

There is a kind of joy in doing the things which are really tough and it really feels amazing. Enjoy the pain while doing such things, pain is good if it’s for something good. When you go ahead of your limits, pushing yourself out of limits for achieving your goals, then only you can get to know about your real powers.

If it would be so easy then everybody would have done it, right?

Apart from this there is nothing good at walking on a plane surface, simple paths often doesn’t ends with something magical but tough paths do. And while going through this journey you keep feeling alive and it provides you the new horizons of life. So try to welcome the pain, embrace it and you will gift yourself altogether a new and amazing life.

Keep Rocking !


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