Strongest Roots At Your Home

In some of the countries they call them incarnation of God. Purest form of Human Being. They either trust you completely or won’t a bit. They make a woman complete as in a Mother, a man as in a Father. Bunch of people becomes a Family when they step in. They’re Children.

Children are the best example of Truly Living and Living in the Moment. They just do, right from the bottom of their heart, whatever they do. They only play when they play. They become damn demanding when they want something. They’re sweetest when they smile looking at you, hug you. They just do a hell lot of things so easily and effortlessly we elders find doing exact opposite and damn difficult. They express their emotions flawlessly.

Different Scenario – 244 million migrants and refugees worldwide, forced to leave their mother land and homes, abuse, exploitation, trafficking, violence, evidences of shouting people with guns in their hands, slaughtering without a second thought, wars, bombarding and terrorist attacks. This is the situation when on the ground people are struggling and fighting for food and basic things are away from their reach i.e. drinking water, sanitation, education, nutrition, respect.

But why i’m talking on two proportionally different things at a time? See, understand this thing, when we dig down deep something then only we reach to the micro factors responsible for the cause. By nature we try to analyse things and reach on a conclusion so fast and being a result we end up investigating superficially and reaching to the root of the problem. We blame water in stead of bacteria.

Science says soon after birth children start recognising the smell and touch of their mothers. After first few weeks they start understanding basic emotions (look at yourself smiling after remembering that moment!) and 90% of their minds got developed before they celebrate their 6th birthday. They’re mixture of things they learn at home. That’s their first and foremost as well as most important institution which lay down basic nature, values and behaviour. Whatever happens with them in this period of time, leaves permanent marks on their heart and mind. It all get stored in their permanent memory.

And, Here the thing, It all keep affecting their behaviour, value system, emotions and decision making for the rest of their lives. It just works like a computer which works on certain, already programmed inputs and produces the output on basis of it, each and every time.

Your’e the Hero of your child, do not let them down. Many repents after for not giving time they deserve, not watching them being raised, not playing with them in gardens, not listening when they want to say something, not being there when they want to share something.

Trust me, it’s we, parents, who shape their future. It’s we who gives direction to their lives. It’s we who makes them feel secure and visa versa. It’s we who built them. Wanna see a better and beautiful society and world? Start it with your own home. Raise your children in that way, nurture those future citizens of the world and in not so long time the result will be in front of you, all you, we.

keep Loving! Keep Living!


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