The Ultimate Sign That shows You’re Lost

When somewhere deep down in the corner of your heart you feel that something is wrong with you. When you sound different to others and yourself, often feels that itchy sensations which keeps you disturbed.

And if you think that you’re the only one who is going through all this mess? have a sigh of relief, there are many. What do you think the decisions you take in your day to day life, are purely yours? Sorry buddy, the truth is NO.
The result of unbalanced and unhealthy life style, increased work pressure and working hours, continuous hammering of television and radio, ever most demanding social structure, complex relationships, the never ending quest of running after social media and soon YOU’RE LOST before you even realise.
Those who are going through this must be understanding the unbearable pain of what i am talking about. Folks, let me help you out.
There is a ultimate sign to identify that you’re lost in your life, you’re out of track like a train which is running but not knowing the direction and destiny. The sign is “You Fall Short of Time.”
Yes, this is the ultimate alarming sign you need to work upon without any delay, before it’s too late. Now the thing comes, why you’re falling short of time?
Here they are (Major ones)
# Increased Sleeping Hours – When you realise that you’re sleeping more than usual specially till late in the morning.
# Spend Too Much Time On Social Media Apps – Have you found yourself lost while scrolling , scrolling and just scrolling down on your smart phone mindlessly on social apps? purposelessly? Then beating yourself saying, what the shit you’re doing man? You’ve something more important, more real thing to do.
# Stopped Talking or Very Less With Family Members – Has someone asked you in family that you’re behaving differently from recent past? ever felt that you just started taking less interest in family matters? or the Dinner Time when you sit with whole family has become cumbersome and less of a fun time? Time to wake up !
# Watch TV Aimlessly – First thing you do after entering home or your room, taking remote and pushing power on button of your TV while falling on your cosy couch or bed and spent too many hours watching too many shows, movies, news, this, that on too many channels. If it’s the case, you need to re look yourself.
# Roam Here and There Purposelessly – Are you consistently finding a chance or situation to get away from home? Avoiding talking to the relatives and people around you? And you’re doing it without knowing why you’re doing it? You just take your bike or car or whatever and roam on the roads mindlessly, purposelessly?
If, above are the holes you’re finding yourself stuck into? Seriously you need help. Slow down, take a halt, re look things, evaluate yourself, rectify things, re set the direction than start over again.
Take Care! With Love!

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