One Thing That Keeps You In The Game

Ever wondered? Why some people, communities, businesses, organisations even some countries perform better than the rest of the world? Why they produces excellent results consistently for a longer period of time, in fact every time? Why and what is the reason behind, they always seems one step ahead and well prepared than that of others?

Some may say it is because –

#They invest more in technology.

#They invest more in people and hire highly qualified ones.

#They spend more on Research and Development.

#They are well resourced in terms of liquidity and connections.

#They have fantastic marketing model.

#They are on the right place on the right time which made everything right for them.

Yes, all of the above are correct things but these are only partially correct. All of the above are just byproduct of that single thing I am talking about.

I am talking about that single thing which provides you the base to take off and fly high. A very important but fine line which differentiate a top executive and a leader. The thing which produces the visionaries. The thing which turns you into something magical and force millions of people to admire and follow you madly.

Ever though? Why America is world leader? Why America is the place where Innovation takes birth? Why America has produced way greater numbers of Noble Prize winners than any other country of the world? Why they are way ahead in technology, innovation, sports and what not? Why they deliver a promise to provide better quality of life, equal rights and opportunities, equal respect for all irrespective of the work what may you do? The best possible defining answer of Why America is a place, people call America is because of – The Great American Dream. The Core Value System America has created and nurtured over a long period of time.

This, your Core Value System is the one and only thing which creates biggest difference, which makes you stand apart, converts something from ordinary to extraordinary. It makes you more honest in the eyes of yourself and others. It drastically increases your credibility and as a result people start believing what you believe. People start seeing their cause in yours. Values, they truly believe in, is that one thing which makes some people, communities, businesses, organisations and countries perform better than the rest of the world. Values is the one thing that keeps you in the game, Till Last.

Stay Honest! Stay Ahead!



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