Journey And Destination

Many people ask themselves at the end where have they reached? This is not the place where I supposed to be after walking so many years. So, why is the case with many people?

It’s all because of a simple thing that is ‘not having a clear goal in life, in fact, not even having a goal’. Not having a goal in life is like travelling in a bus without knowing the destination, where you want to reach.

River knows it need to flow thousands of kilometres along with making hectares of land fertile to become part of a sea. Trees know it has to produce sweet fruits and seeds that will ultimately become trees like him afterwards. Silent mountains know that they are the lifeline and shelter for end number of wild species. Seems everybody know the reason and goal of their respective lives except us, the great human beings.

So, if you don’t want to die while repenting on yourself then set something you want to achieve as a human being. Set a goal and do your best to get that. People don’t understand the value of life until it comes to end. Take some time for yourself and think what you are? Why you are, where you are? Don’t get lost in daily routine and just flow with the air.

Start seeing dreams, start desiring things and you will start finding a way to get it. It will provide some meaning to life. There is a joy doing this. Life will become interesting and the biggest thing it will make you happier and will give a sense of satisfaction. What’s more one need from life, isn’t it?

Go Live!


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