Sky Speaks

I went to the balcony of the flat for no reason where one of my friend was also standing besides me lost in thoughts. The winter is on peak here right now and sky is not clear normally but today it was & I look up.

Something happened… I don’t know what was that… but the moment I saw the Big, Open, Blue, Clear sky… it makes me feel good, really good. It’s hard to describe but sky started talking with me and makes my mind clear as the sky was in itself.

I believe, I mean I really believe GOD communicate with all of us every second of life but his language is something Different, Wordless, Voiceless. He speaks with us but in his own language, signs; we just need to understand the signs and language. While I’m saying this looks pretty simple but when you experience something like this it’s totally different and amazing too. It makes me realise that we all know our answers and it comes from inside, reason being GOD is within not outside.

Life lies in Micro Events and its a Magic of the Great Superpower!!!


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