To Rise Get Organise

There are times when we all feel low and things seems messed up starting from our wardrobe to office desk including the relationships you are into.

You must have observed when one important thing of your life goes out of track, sooner other things follows the pattern. In short quite soon everything look scattered and you found yourself messed up with no clue to the solution.

You know there is one thing which is very common in every successful person i.e. they are highly organised. Highly organised in every sphere of their lives. Now you’ll ask whats the relation between being messed up and getting highly organised.

Indeed, there is a direct co relation between these two. When you feel messed up you found everything unorganised and scattered. Your sleeping and wake up time differ so much, you take much longer time to decide what to wear today, you start reaching late to the office, your family start feeling and complaints that you don’t have time for them, your friends says you’re looking lost buddy, and on and on. So what could be done to get out of it?

As, there is always a solution for every problem, there is a solution for this one too and i.e. getting reorganised.

#Start With Routine – Everything starts with it. Make a strict routine for yourself and start with big things like sleeping time, wake up time, step out of the door time, lunch and dinner.

#Shrink Yourself – Do not expose to so many things for few days. Do not take part in the activities which are not so necessary. Do not start new thing or assignment. avoid going to the places, events and parties which are not very important.

#Make A Daily Plan – Start planning what you’re going to do tomorrow in the night before going to the bed. Starting from your outfit to the people you’re going to catch up or things need to be done.

#Alcohol Is Prohibited – Strictly stop consuming alcohol if you take, till the time things get better. Stop smoking too. (I know it’s tough but you have to)

#Meditate – The worst thing you go through in your downtime is you found yourself unable to categories things, what’s right and what’s wrong for you and you feel a fog everywhere, nothing looks clear. You feel exhausted every time. Your mind need rest and the best possible thing which can help is meditation. Believe me just sit relaxed and close your eyes for few minutes. It will work as a magic. Or at least start praying in your own room or temple or church or whatever belongs to your religion.

Your world start with in yourself and ends at you only. Somewhere deep down we all know our solutions, callings and destiny. We just need to be able to listen it, it need silence, inner silence.

With Love!



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