Year 1999

A Boy. 16 years old, eldest one. Semi rural southern central area, India. Below middle class status. Mother father with 4 children. Financial breakdown. Father was shocked and helpless. Mother had to work in farms and fields above 40 degree temperature. Boy forced himself to work in a factory at boiler machine which  generate steam to run industrial raw cloth processing machines, 12 hours a day, sometimes 36 hours in a row. Meanwhile continued graduation after schooling.

Year 2003

Boy, In summer and in second year of graduation, trying hard to improve things and in the process encountered with an ad of Central Para Military Services in employment news paper. He applied, started preparing and got on-board after physical, written and medical tests, in winter.

Year 2008

Boy, completed training under Brave and Fantastic Officers (He Still admire them). Won Best Cadet Award, Best Drill, Lead 180 Cadets from the front as a Parade Commander. Completed Medial Course in the lap of mountains of Himalaya. First hand to the Commanding Officer of his Battalion. Posted in Indo-Nepal Border. Life took an unexpected turn. Ethics, Values and Principles compromised and left the place and everything after 5 years of shining career. Took the Glory and Learnings with him.

Year 2009

Boy, learned English (yes, he studied from national language, Hindi medium). Thought to join National Administrative Services but knowing the fact that there as well he might to compromise Values he has followed. Prepared for another examination and enrolled in Management course to make himself acceptable for Corporates. Lended in a job. But this was not the deal. It was again a “Square peg in a round hole.” It was never.

Year 2014 and After

Boy, hit the rock bottom, empty,thoughtless, direction less, aimless, helpless, hopeless and purposeless but somehow managed to survive. Then something happened one can say awakening, self realisation. He made himself conscious and started connecting the dots. Eureka! That was it! He wasn’t meant for himself but for others. To convey the pure and divine message, he was the medium and to know the depth of that immense pain, almighty made him go through all of these. It was a plan.